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Moura is Felia's partner who has been with Felia from the very beginning and keeps an eye on her use of   

her powers.  


When Moura first appeared, Moura was in the form of a mecha when trying to protect Sougo, Kaon, and Felia from danger. Moura can only be in mecha form whenever near Sogo. When activating the crest on Sougo's hand, the crest glows a magenta color.

When not in mecha form, Moura's body is made of light green stones. Her body can fall apart when it takes some damage, as shown in episode 4.  


Moura in the form mecha.

In episode 8, it is shown that Moura actually have another form, which is in a form of a girl.  


Moura is able to transform from round green stones to a mecha by activating the crest on Sougo's right hand. 

As the story progress, Moura is shown to be able to evolve and become stronger by growing wings.